Our Services

Pivot Health Solutions provides everything you need to get and stay healthy — where you work and where you live. 

We know that staying healthy requires effort. And we want to be there for you each step along the way– helping you remain fit and prevent injury… and helping bring you back to health when needed. Our services include: 


Pivot Occupational Health

We help businesses take care of their employees – and their bottom line. We provide comprehensive services designed to control and manage employee health care costs across a range of areas.




Pivot Performance

For any athlete – professional, amateur, or even weekend warriors – sports performance matters. We offer customized, instructor-led programs for individuals, semi-private groups and athletic teams. Our training philosophy is rooted in teaching and perfecting fundamental movement patterns and ensuring quality of movement in all of our clients. As our clients progress, we build upon this base with strength, power and more progressive movements.



Pivot Physical Therapy

There are countless reasons why you may require physical therapy, ranging from post-operative rehabilitation, acute or chronic pain, back pain, and work-related injury recovery (to name a few). Whatever your needs may be, our approach and philosophy are simple: personalized physical therapy with exceptional outcomes.



Pivot Sport Medicine

We are dedicated to sports medicine and focus our rehabilitation on the performance needs of our athletes as well as the prevention of sports-related injuries. Whether you are a professional, recreational or scholastic athlete, we offer personalized sports medicine rehabilitation services with exceptional outcomes.